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Why R.I.P. Folders?

Have you ever watched someone struggle to find important documents and information while grieving the sudden loss of a loved one?


Have you or a loved one ever had an unexpected medical or life emergency?


R.I.P. Action Folders can be the perfect opportunity to prompt an important conversation. 

  • Help loved ones find needed information in case of an emergency.
  • Document important digital information including passwords and account information. 
  • Prepare important last words or wishes before the unexpected happens.
  • Point family members or representatives in the right direction before it's too late.
  • Emergencies are stressful events - help yourself and your loved ones by providing tools and information.


R.I.P. Action Folders® are distinctive and attention-grabbing.   Contents can be meticulous and encompassing, or simply provide directions or information to help locate important information, or personal cards, notes and wishes.

The R.I.P. Action Folders® Preparedness Kit includes a List of Important Documents - - you will be able to easily create a holder that friends, family or your representative will instantly recognize. Action Folders® are made from heavy duty card stock with metallic accents, a prominent top tab, and will easily fit in a drawer, file box or cabinet.



Hundreds of millions of dollars in life insurance goes unclaimed each year simply because the beneficiaries do not know the money exists
— NY Times 2011
Unclaimed life insurance benefits top $1 billion
— Feb 2013
Plan ahead: 64% of Americans don’t have a will
— USA Today, updated April 26, 2016

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