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Action Folder




With over 25 years providing professional support utilizing thoughtful business solutions, Prioriteze® began creating unique products for personal and professional priority management. In need of attention-grabbing tools at the forefront of prompting action for important documents, Prioriteze® designed  R.I.P - Really Important Papers®  - the first of its kind - an easy, informal tool to enable loved ones to quickly identify important information they need in case of emergencies.  

Action Folders® live-document management system soon followed - unlike typical document folders meant to store or archive documents, Action Folders is a live-document management system created to help track and manage important documents and information, including a built-in option to identify the owner for ease of tracking and return. 


Whether it's emotional or deadline-related urgency - GRAB THEIR ATTENTION  F A S T !



R.I.P Really Important Papers® - Two-pack
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Our flagship product - the R.I.P. Really Important Papers® document holder is available in a complete family four-pack, an informative and convenient prep kit; as well as a two-pack for quick and easy use.  Both options include the must-have I.C.E. emergency cards.

Our Action Folders® document management system was created for professional or personal use as valuable tool for expediting and executing priority tasks effectively!  

R.I.P. Really Important Papers® Planning KIT and document holder

  • Help your loved ones find important information in emergent situations  ·

  • Keep important papers, contacts, passwords, keepsakes, information or simple clues - in one place  ·

  • Flag attention to directions, last requests or personal notes in case life is interrupted abruptly  · 

  • Choose a family four-pack kit, or quick and easy two-pack  · 

  • I.C.E. cards should always be kept in wallets, back-packs, purses ,vehicles, etc.  ·

Action Folders LIVE-document management system

  • Quickly and easily identify anything needing action or attention   ·
  • Identify an action, or call to attention and encourage return to owner or manager for confident communication, routing and return   ·


Why R.I.P. Action Folders?